Ritter Chusid, LLP is a multi-faceted law firm dedicated to providing cost-effective professional
legal services to all of its clients. A significant emphasis of the firm's practice has been service
to the defense of the manufacturing industry, insurance industry, automobile financing industry,
self-insureds, captive insurers, other affiliated institutions and the commercial marketplace.


Our Firm

CLIENT SERVICEThe firm is structured to provide personalized and professional services to all of its clients. The
input and direction of the client is always sought throughout the course of any matter. The
supervising partner, as well as the service of junior attorneys to whom the matter is assigned, is
always available to respond to inquiries. We have state-of-the art communication capabilities.
Although the service we provide each client is customized to that organization's needs and
objectives, there are common elements in all of our clients engagements. We always strive to
understand the clients' concerns, to provide exceptional value to the client and to creatively assist the client in achieving its goals.